Construction Process

Paradise Pools insures a smooth construction process from start to finish. We strive to make sure our client’s projects are completed on schedule with the up most attention to detail. This dedication combined with our industry leading warranty provides fun and value to your home for years to come. We use an extensive multi step construction process to make sure every project is completed perfectly.

Construction Steps

We have an extensive multi step construction process to make sure every project is completed properly.
1 Presite

This starts with a one on one site meeting with each client. We discuss things such as elevations, accessibility, foreseeable issues or obstacles and customer questions/concerns.

2 L.D.S – Layout Dig and Steel

First we strip any sod and debris from site. We then begin to layout the framing and outline of the pool. Next, we dig the pool carefully to insure proper slopes and depths. We can now install the steel rebar structure, which acts as the skeleton to the pool. With the digging and framework all complete, it is time to install any underground plumbing and lighting fixtures. All of this work must get inspected.

3 Gunite (Concrete Shell)

This is a high pressured sprayed on application that creates the outer shell of your pool. If your pool design includes any steps, swim-outs, fountains, or a gunite spa, those elements will be sprayed in this phase as well.

4 Grading and Backfill

With the concrete shell now complete, we begin to backfill around the pool shell and wash in dirt to fill any voids. In addition to that, we can set the deck grading which is important to insure proper drainage.

5 Pool Plumbing and Rough Electrical

Now we install all underground piping and electrical from the pool to its equipment. Pressure testing is performed on piping to insure a leak proof install. This work must be inspected and from there we can backfill any trenches.

6 Tile, Wall Cladding and Water Features

This is where the special finishes and details come into play. We install the customer selections on the water line and any raised beams. If proposed, water features such as custom rockwork and waterfalls are now constructed.

7 Deck Preparation

Before the decking and coping is installed, we must prepare it first. The final grading for the decking is now set. This is also where we install footers for any types of walls, screen enclosures and turn downs. If any planters are called for, they are formed in this phase. Structural inspections are necessary for this phase.

8 Decking and Coping

Proper compaction is necessary to insure a quality install of any decking material. From there, options such as brick pavers, travertine or concrete can now be set.

9 Barrier

The Florida child safety act requires some type of barrier to the pool. Options include screen enclosures, standard fencing, child safety fencing and window/door alarms.

10 Pool Equipment and Electrical

The specified pool equipment can now be installed and wired to the homes electrical system. We design and plan this carefully to minimize this space in relation to the house and pool. If the pool has an automation control system, wiring is installed during this phase.

11 Interior Finish

Preparation of pool shell is completed and cleaned and then the customer selected interior finish is applied. Options such as PebbleTec, PebbleSheen, BeadCrete or exposed aggregate quartz all have multi-step application processes. They first must be troweled on, then water washed and finally acid washed. Once complete, the fill up process begins…

12 Start Up Process

With the pool now complete the pool pumps are started, water chemistry is balanced and water features are set up. If automation controls are used, they are activated at this point. During this phase we triple check all components to make sure everything is running smoothly.

13 Clean Up Phase

We take pride in keeping and leaving a jobsite clean. All trash and construction debris is removed and final lot grading is completed. At this point, any customer responsibilities such as irrigation and landscaping are to be completed.

14 Final Inspections

All necessary final inspections are performed at this time. This last approval by the building department insures a properly constructed, safe swimming pool environment.

15 Pool School

We’re not done yet! Pool School is a one on one training session showing how to properly operate the pool’s controls and perform the necessary maintenance. This orientation serves as a final walk through and to answer any questions or concerns a customer may have.

16 Enjoy your Paradise pool!